Hello Stranger,
For multiple possibilities or reasons, chance and time have guided you to my website today and you are now reading this. I will utilize this platform to tell you more about myself.

My name is Andres Payan, a visual artist living and working between Los Angeles, California and El Paso, Texas. I was raised between Juarez, Mexico, where I was born, and El Paso, Texas where I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts before moving to Los Angeles to obtain my Master of Fine Arts at the California Institute of the Arts.

I am a visual artist, a maker highly invested in craft and object making. I've developed my artistic practice to question materiality and the relationship that we as humans have with objects through our own mortality. By working with materiality I am able to explore how an object can become a trigger or vessel for memory and meaning, both often developed from a subjective point and based on experiences.

With my sculptural and installation work I strive to investigate these symbols and materials by displacing them from their original context to develop more complex representations. Through a focus on making I am able to maintain their original essence, for this is what gives insight into the personal; a screenshot of not only the individual and their identity, but also of a larger set of cultural, political and social dynamics.

I am beginning to digress about what is important here. I apologize.
Please enjoy the rest of this online space.

Andres Payan

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